Store: GamExpress
Location: Flushing, NY on Northern Blvd & Main St, long closed
Employee Description: 20something kid
Submitted By: Rich

This was early 2000. I happened to be working with my friend running a somewhat successful interwebs/mailorder import video game store, but would occasionally get that pang for browsing retail. So I headed down to the gameshops in the main shopping area near my house.

While browsing the rack I overheard a customer expressing his love for all things Resident Evil, and the employee either trying to convince them to buy a $700+ Japanese PS2 or wait for the US one later that year.

“Dude, you really should get a PS2 – Resident Evil 4 is only going to be on Sony!”

‘Uh, what about Code Veronica?’ (not out quite yet in US, I think it might have just came out in Jpn)

“…. well, uh, that’s not a real RE game. No number. Sony owns all the numbers!”

And that’s when my brain had a little stroke. Right in front of me on the rack was a used Jpn copy of Biohazard 2 for Dreamcast (US RE2 didn’t come out til much much later). To add insult to injury I recall there being a nice new copy of RE2 for N64 rotting on the shelf behind the employee.

I chuckled to myself, bought a copy of PSX Mort The Chicken (yeah, MORT THE MOTHERF**KIN CHICKEN, B***HES), and went home to check to see if my Game.Com RE2 was still there and not erased from existence by Sony. 😉

At the time I guess, PS2 would have been the defacto system Capcom would have dropped RE4 on I suppose…