Store: EB Games
Location: Syracuse, NY
Employee Description: Guy who thinks he knows all but more than likely still lives in mom’s basement
Submitted By: Adelle Starr

I had just finished God of War and was dieing to play GoW2 so I went over to the closest store to my house (instead of going to the one where I know everyone there). I walk in and Know All Guy stares slack jawed and open mouthed at me for a while as I browse. I go up to the counter with a used copy of Phantasy Star 2 in my hands and tell him I would like to get the copy of GoW2 he has behind the counter (where they put the new games).

Guy:“Are you sure your boyfriend wants GoW2, it’s pretty hard”
Me:“Actually my boyfriend doesn’t want it at all because he doesn’t like the game much. I’m getting it for me.”
Guy: (blinks a couple of times) “You mean YOU play games? I didn’t know girls really played games!”
Me: (cringe) “Yes I play games”
Guy: “You sure you want GoW2, it’s hard. How about Nintendogs? Thats fun.”
Me: “I prefer ripping people to shreds to breeding fake dogs thanks” (pay for the games)
Guy: (Deep breath) “What other games do you play?”
Me: (I proceed to ramble off a list of everything from classic to new, RPG to FPS to puzzle to online games)
Guy: “You really play ALL those games”
Me: “Yes!” (wrenches purchased games out of Guy’s hands so I can go) “Good bye”
Guy: (as I walk out I hear him whisper to himself) “Wow girls play games, amazing. She was so hot too! I think I know who I’m thinking about later tonight *snicker*

I almost went back to punch him but knew he would be alone for the rest of his life anyway so I left him to his sad little life and laughed all the way to my car. Yes dude, girls really play games.