Store: EB Games
Location: 9960 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR
Employee Description: Tall Skinny Dude
Submitted By: Jordan

I went to EB to see if I could turn up a Wavebird to use on the Wii… The clerk rapidly figured out that I had a Wii.

“Did you know Metroid Prime 3 is available?”

WTF? It doesn’t come out until August, but I played along.

“Really, when did that come out?”

“Um, well, it’s not out yet, but you can pre-order it.”

Store: GameStop
Location: Anaheim Hills, CA
Employee Description: Cool Guy with the motorcycle & Manager
Submitted By: UCRJed

The day Mario Party 8 came out for Wii I went to a Target figuring they would have it for sure, but the guy in electronics said they had not been unpacked yet so it would be a while. So I decided to go to another shopping center with both GameStop and Target. I went to GameStop first, thinking I’d get in and out.

I walked up and there was an employee sitting there on his motorcycle in front of the store. I asked him if they had the game and he told me they would be in the next day. I asked him if he knew if Target had them yet. His manager walked by and said if they are selling them they are in big trouble, it’s not launch day. He then goes on to tell me that today is “ship day” and nobody can sell the game until the next day. They also told me I should pre-order the game and I would be guaranteed a copy the next morning. They both agreed that neither Target nor anywhere else would have the game to sell. I walked next door to Target and bought the game 2 minutes later.

Store: GameStop
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Employee Description: Pokémon Jerk
Submitted By: J Gab

I went in to a Gamespot a few days after the new Pokemon games came out to pick one up. After hearing all the reviews and knowing how addictive the game could be, I thought I might as well. So while I was in there the guy asks me if I want to preorder something, so I take a look at the list. This is what goes down:

“Yeah so if you like Pokemon you might want to pre-order Pokemon Battle Revolution.”

“Oh nah, I heard it was just like the old Pokemon Stadiums”

“Well, it’s going to be the ONLY online game for Wii this year.”

At this point I was just thinking “umm…no” I had to tell him sarcastically…

“I’m pretty sure there are more. I even heard that there are going to be some third party games online.”

“That’d be sweet”

I’m not sure if he was just ignorant or was seriously trying to get me into pre-ordering the game by saying anything. Either way, I’m not planning on returning there.

Store: EB Games
Location: Pittsburgh, PA – Forbes St.
Employee: Young Prick
Submitted By: DJBabs

After securing myself a Wii over winter break in New Jersey, I decided to preorder a copy of WiiPlay upon returning to graduate school in Pittsburgh. I received the automated call on the Monday of the release saying that it would be in the next day, so I decided to go pick it up with my girlfriend after my class got out at 4 PM.

We walk in, and while she is looking around at some of the games, I go up to the counter and ask the young prick behind it for my preorder (interrupting him talking about how hot my GF was to another employee). He snapped back that they didn’t get them in today, and won’t be getting them in for another 2 days. I retorted that I got the automated call the previous day saying that it would be in the store by noon on Tuesday (it after 4 PM) and then asked why they would be getting them in two days later. His response was that since the store is on the East coast, and all the games are shipped from the west coast on Monday, the east coast stores don’t get new games in on Tuesdays and instead get them on Thursdays. I said that was ridiculous since I had been preordering stuff at a New Jersey EB Games since I preordered the Dreamcast and that they always got the new games in on Tuesdays. His then decided to basically shout, “well I don’t know what planet you are from, but East Coast GameStops and EB Games never get their games in on Tuesday!”

I demand my preorder money back, and say I’ll drive over to Best Buy and pick it up there. The prick responded that I couldn’t get the preorder money back since the game was already released (even though they didn’t have it yet), but I could transfer the money over to another purchase and then tried to get me to buy a PS3. I eventually argued my way to get my money back and as we walked out the door, the young prick shouted at my GF, “loose the dick that thinks he knows when we get our shipments in and go out with me!”

We then drover over to Best Buy and found stacks of WiiPlays. I have refused to step foot in that EB again.