Store: GameStop
Location: Coors Blvd., Albuquerque, NM
Employee Description: Spiked Hair with Dark Glasses, Name tag says “Store Manager”
Submitted By: Ryan

So I walked into the store the other day for the first time in a long time. I had refused to go back after becoming fed up with all the pre-order pushing that had been going around, but thought I’d give it one last go. Big mistake.

The manager, we’ll call him “Spikey Specs,” immediately asks me if I have reserved Halo 3. That’s right, no “Hello,” no “Welcome to GameStop,” just right to the schtick. I politely tell him that I’m not here for that, just that I want to pick up a copy of Stranglehold for 360. Naturally, he asks me if I reserved it. I say that I haven’t, just that I wanna buy one today. Now, keep in mind, that glass case behind him has a row of this exact game, maybe 50 copies.

He gives me a line about how he “can’t believe I didn’t reserve such a big game” and pretends to check the computer to see if he “has any extra copies available.” While “checking” he asks me again if I want to reserve Halo, because “nobody’s going to have it in stock on the big day.” I say no, a little more impatient this time and let him know that I’m just here for Stranglehold. He then tells me that they have no copies of the game available, that they’re all reserved. I point to the row behind him and tell him that at least one of those has to be available, there’s no way they only ordered enough to fill the reserves. He looks me in the eye, without even turning to see how many he’s got, and says that they are all indeed reserved.

I then say, “Fine, I’ll reserve Halo 3. Any copies of Stranglehold available now?” Without doing anything, he looks me dead in the face and says “Yep, a reserve just cancelled.”

Enraged, I tell this jerk that I’ll never shop in his store again and exit in anger, kicking over the Halo 3 standee near the front door.

This story is completely true and I beg all people in the Albuquerque area (and anywhere that poor customer service like this is encouraged) to pick a different store for all their future purchases. Hastings opens at midnight for Halo 3 and Wal-Mart never closes. Don’t fall for their crap and certainly don’t think that they care about you as a customer.

Incidentally, I ran into that same jerk at the Radio Shack inside the mall the next evening and when I walked in and spotted him, he ran from the store, embarrassingly leaving his girlfriend in the dust behind him. Hopefully she dumped that loser.

Submitted By: Silence 7

I thought this was a little funny, but pathetic. Supposedly, this person works at GameStop and wants to help make sure we all get copies of Two Worlds for the Xbox 360, by pushing pre-orders in the GameFAQs forums.

GS manager here. If you haven’t yet, please reserve it.

I had to check alot of stores to find people copies of 3 games this week because so many people wanted Overlord, Darkness, and PokeBatRev. but didn’t put down a reserve for em (because they werent the super hyped popular games that every person reserves). Please guys, it’s all the more reason to tell us that you’re interested in a copy if it’s unpopular. It means we don’t fifty gajillion copies if it’s not hyped. I hate sending people to all over the map (like a bad RPG quest) for shweet games that you can simply just walk in and ask for. We hand you a sealed copy from a drawer behind the counter and send you on your merry way with no worries.

We ask you all the time. We don’t get paid extra for this stuff. It keeps you happy and our shelves stocked. You’re never locked in, ask for your money back,.Or if you get some dungheap who won’t, you demand their district manager’s number. (we got their cell phone numbers in our red book). All you need is an interest in a game and it justifies having your $5 down, even if your not sure, we’ll still get it and have it for you, and if you dont want? Fine, we put it on the shelf for someone else to enjoy.

Please enjoy Two Worlds. I’ll see ya online.

AOTS Every Night!

June 26, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX
Employee Description: Arrogant F-er
Submitted By: Phil

I went in today and was talking with my wife about Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4 coming out in October for the 360 and PS3. This guy, I’ll call him F-er, interjected that he heard last night on Attack of The Show (AOTS) that GTA 4 is ONLY coming out for the 360 now. I asked him if perhaps he had misunderstood and they were talking about the episodes but he shouted back at me that he watches AOTS “EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!”

I left the store and went by a local hotspot to look on the interwebs to see if there was any talk of an announcement pertaining to such. Of course there was nothing so I called the store and talked with “F-er” and told him that I was unable to find anything confirming his claims and he, again, yelled about how he always watches AOTS and last night, (which was Tuesday, the 19th of June) they announced that GTA 4 was only going to be on the 360. He then hung up.

Store: GameStop
Location: The Mall in Columbia, Columbia, MD
Employee Description: The manager (?)
Submitted by: Nuttyturnip

I normally try to avoid GameStop for obvious reasons, but I had a coupon that would give me $10 off a used copy of Crackdown for the 360, which brought the price down to $30. Here’s how it went:

Me: Can I take a look at that disc before you put it in the case?
Clerk: Sure.
Me: (Look at the disk, see a few scratches and scuffs.) Can I get a disc that looks better?
Clerk: (Slightly bewildered) Sure, hold on. (Turning around to get another disc) You know, those scuffs won’t make the game not work. The disc has to be really scratched, and besides, all the game data is stored on the other side anyway, the side with the label.
Me: (Chuckle to myself but don’t comment)

The clerk got a disc in good condition and started the transaction.

Clerk: You know you could save $4 today with an Edge card (pulls out a card and lays it on the counter).
Me: That’s ok, I’ve got a coupon.
Clerk: You could still save $4 on top of that.
Me: But you have to pay to get that card.
Clerk: Yes, but you’ll save on future purchases and…
Me: No, I never buy used games, except for this one, since I’ve got the coupon.
Clerk: It’s really a good deal though, you get this magazine (pulls that out) and…
Clerk: Hey, hey, I’m just trying to save you some money.
Me: That’s ok, I know you’ve got a quota to fill on those.
Clerk: What? We don’t work on commission here.
Me: No, but if you don’t sell a certain number of those, your hours get cut.
Clerk: But, I’m the manager. Help me out here man. (Looks over at the female clerk) We’re all living on dollar hamburgers here.
Me: Yeah, well, unfortunately me too.

(Brief pause)

Clerk: Would you like to pre-order Halo 3 today?

Store: Game Crazy
Location: 1111A 228th Street SE, Bothell, WA
Employee Description: Socially Inept Pizza Faced New Guy
Submitted By: Fed UP

I recently rejuvenated my passion for gaming and was looking to get a taste of the next gen era. I called my local Game Crazy (closest games store in my suburban area) inquiring as to if they had any Xbox 360 Elite’s for sale. I am pretty keen as to gaming news and sales trends so I figured that my chances were slim to none. This spurred a back up plan of asking for an Onyx Nintendo DS with a copy of Planet Puzzle League. The conversation went like this.

Game Crazy: Hello, thanks for calling. (Insert current promotional speech)
Me: No, thanks. I was wondering if you have any Xbox 360 Elite’s available?
GC: Uhhh. . . I don’t think that’s out yet.
Me: It came out a few months back. Can you check if you have any?
GC: (Quickly replies) No, we are all out.
Me: Okay, thanks. I had another question, Do you have any Onyx Nintendo DS Lites for sale and a copy of Planet Puzzle League?
GC: Yeah, we have lots of DS Lites.
Me: Do you have it in Black?
GC: Sure.
Me: What about the game?
GC: What one was that?
Me: (Starting to get frustrated) Planet Puzzle League for the DS.
GC: (Unreassuringly) Yeah we have one copy.
Me: Cool, I’ll be down right away. Can you put them aside for me?
GC: Yeah…

It takes me all of five minutes to get there. Talking to the employees I quickly realize who I was just chatting with. He’s obviously the “new guy.” I tell them that I just called and ask for the DS and Planet Puzzle League. Sh*t hits the fan. The new guy looks at the manager, then bumbles around, ask another customer who is about seven years old if he needs anything, then asks the manager if they have any DS’s. WTF?? Fortunately they did and I got my DS but only to find out that they didn’t actually have an copies of Planet Puzzle League. Even after the Pizza Face New Guy just assumed that they did.

That would have been the end of the conversation had I not asked for him to call another store and see if they had a copy for sale. Long story short, the other store had a copy, I got my game, and I got to meet the bottom of the gene pool!

Store: GameStop
Location: Crossroads Mall, Oklahoma City, OK
Employee Description: Manager was a goatee wearing *sshole in his mid to late 30’s, the clerk was balding and a few years older and was probably the manager’s brother-in-law.
Submitted By: Twist

Sometime in the summer of 2005 I went into the GameStop location where I had done most of my game related purchasing for many, many years (I used to buy SNES games there when it was a Babbage’s). I had finally decided to reserve an Xbox 360 and I wanted to pick up Far Cry: Instincts for the Xbox and as usual browse through the used games to see if there were any gems.

When I walked into the store I was disappointed to see that the only people working were the manager and this older *sshole. Usually I avoided both of them as much as possible because besides being rude as hell neither of them seemed to know shit about games other than the preprogrammed BS that GameStop feeds them. The manager was “helping” a couple with some questions about the Xbox 360 which they wanted to get their son for Christmas. I had to stop myself from giving these people better information because half of what he was saying was complete lies. For example he told them that you had to have a Play & Charge Kit for every single wireless controller, period, and that games and accessories were going to be as hard to find as the consoles.

After looking around a bit I went up to the other employee who was just standing around behind the counter looking like he had forgotten to bring his brain to work with him that day. I told him that I wanted a copy of Far Cry: Instincts and that I wanted to reserve a 360. At this point he tells me that they are no longer reserving 360’s and he then wastes about 5 minutes of my time trying to get me to reserve games and accessories for the 360. Once I finally convince him that I am not going to reserve anything for a system that I might not be able to get he just zones out on me and starts staring at the counter.

While this is going on the manager has duped the couple into reserving a wireless controller, two play & charge kits, a couple of games and their strategy guides, a prepaid things of MS Points, a year of Xbox Live Gold (with the extra headset), and a couple of memory units (even though the couple was interested in the premium model of 360) all for a console that they probably wouldn’t be able to get until January. The manager had successfully convinced them that accessories and games were going to be as hard to find as the systems. I bet this guy used to be a used car sales man.

Cut back to the clerk pulling the lost-in-la-la-land routine: about two minutes goes by like this (if I wasn’t patient I probably would have stopped doing business with GameStop way sooner than this) when another customer walks into the store (it was dead that day, besides the couple and me this is the only other customer who had been in the store since I got there) and this one is something special. She is a super MILF (not just a regular MILF, a SUPER MILF). So the clerk wakes up and immediately asks her if he can help her. She starts asking something about something for the GBA for her son and I interrupt her. I say “Excuse me, do you not want to sell me the game I asked for?” and the clerk says “Oh I will be with you in just a minute.” and I said “No you were helping me first so you will be with her in just a minute.” At this point the manager asks us what is going on and I tell him and he says “Oh well we are really busy he will be right with you.”

I was being calm up to this point but this just pissed me off. This was probably going on 10 minutes since I told the clerk what I wanted and about 9 minutes after I should have left the store with the game I wanted. So I told them both that if this is what passed for customer service around here then I don’t need to do business with them anymore. The manager made some snide remark that I didn’t fully catch as I was leaving and him and the clerk had a good laugh.

I took my money across the street to Best Buy and I have only been in that GameStop once since then and I have been avoiding the chain as much as possible.

Store: GameStop
Location: Oxford Marketplace, 2580 West Jackson Avenue, Oxford, MS
Employee Description: Stocky guy with glasses, Le Douche
Submitted by: JeffLillix

I go in to buy Virtua Tennis 3 for the Xbox 360. I walk in and I’m waiting around to get to the counter when the guy behind the counter asks me what I want. I tell him that I’d like a copy of VT3 and he tells me that it will be a little while because they haven’t broken into the shipments yet this morning because it’s been unusually busy. I tell him thats fine and me and my friend look through the dvds. While we are looking through the dvds, ‘Le Douche’ from here on out, joins in on our conversation on pre-orders.

We were discussing how one of our friends’ job is in jeopardy because he wasn’t getting very many pre-orders though he is the assistant manager of a store that does very well every week. Le Douche tells us that getting pre-orders isn’t hard, you just have to be a good salesman. I tell him that he isn’t going to get a pre-order out of me because 1) I would cancel it anyway before the game came out because I’m really scatter brained like that and 2) to prove to him that even though you are a good salesman, customers have the right to turn you down.

Adam and I leave GameStop to venture to Wal-Mart to look and see if they have put out the game yet. They haven’t so we ride back to GameStop where no one is in there other than one of Le Douche’s friends. He had unpacked the games and I walk up to the counter to buy the game and the games finally start.

“What can I help you with?” he asks.

“I’d like to buy Virtua Tennis 3 for the 360, man” I tell him.

“Do you have a pre-order for it?”

“Nah. I decided to buy it on a whim.”

“Oh. Well. I got bad news,” he starts “all of these are pre-orders. You see, the people that pre-ordered it get the game first and then walk-ins get the rest. Our order points are based on the amounts of pre-orders we get for merchandise. The more pre-orders, the more copies of a game we’ll get.”

So I ask him if he knows when the next shipment of the game will be in or if there is anything he could do.

“Well, you help me out and I’ll help you out,” he says and then tells me the whole secret of the GameStop corporate idea of pre-orders and merchandise stock. “So, pre-order a game and I’ll let you have one of them.”

He must have been talking with his friend after I left because it had only been 30 minutes since I told him that I wasn’t going to be pre-ordering anything from him on principle just because he was ‘such a good salesman’. I say that he was talking to his friend after I left because the other guy also started getting in on the act as to how that was so fair and he shouldn’t do it and blah blah blah. I tell him that I’m not going to pre-order anything to get the game and that I would rather just wait at Wal-Mart because I’m not in that big of a hurry. I then ask him how many people pre-ordered the game and this is where his story slips up.

“Right there,” he says as he points to a counter of about seven games stacked next side by side on the other side of the counter, a good 20 feet away from the ‘reserved’ games that he was trying to sell me.

“So,” I start in, “those are the reserves for VT3, right?”

“Yeah. And I’m going to do you a favor by letting you have this one.”

“Wait? Those two games aren’t reserves right?”


“So, how are you ‘doing me a favor’ by letting me purchase a game, in a game store, of something that you have in stock that isn’t reserved to someone else?”

“I’m doing you a favor because….”

“Because you were going to save it for one of your friends???”

“No….. Ummmm….. You see, the reserves help our mercha…..”

“Yeah. You’ve already told me that. So. You are going to do me a favor by letting me, the consumer, purchase a game that you have in stock and are ready to sell to anyone that walks in. How is that doing me a favor?”

“Well, I don’t have to sell it to you, you know….”

“And why wouldn’t you? Because I didn’t want to buy a pre-order just because you think you are such a good ‘salesman’. Either sell me the game or make me leave. Either way, I’m going to get it. If not from you, then from Wal-Mart.”

The other guy interjects “Well, you know you should reserve some games, like Halo 3, because it’s going to be the biggest….”

“They are going to make so many copies of that game it’s going to outnumber all the leftover Madden football games combined. But yes, I already have that pre-ordered but thanks for trying.”

It’s at this point that he starts ringing up VT3 and I pay using my debit card and I don’t pre-order anything. He places the game in a bag WITH AN XBOX PRE-ORDER SHEET IN IT, and I tell him thanks.

He replies, not with a thank you or you’re welcome, but with silence.

On the way out, I turn around, lock eyes with him, and say “Dick.”

I haven’t been into the Oxford GameStop since.

Are you kidding me?

June 8, 2007

Store: GameStop #2444
Location: Forest Hill Ave.; Richmond, VA
Employee Description: Manager, Slick
Submitted By: V582

I pre-ordered the 360’s HD-DVD drive months before release at this same hellhole. Even decided to take the day off so the wife and I could watch some HD-DVD movies that I had ordered and received prior to the drive’s release.

Well, the release day comes and I call to make sure they had gotten the shipment in already and that they still were not waiting on UPS.

Manager: Yeah we got them in but we only received 2 and they are gone.
Me: Are you kidding me?! I pre-ordered the damn thing.
Manager: You pre-ordered?
Me: This is ridiculous. This is the second time I’ve been burned by your store.
Manager: Look, if you come to the store we’ll figure a way to help you out.
Me: Ok. At the very least, I’ll be coming there to get my money back.

So, I head to the store only to discover that, yet again, an employee, Slick, had been given preference over a regular pre-ordering customer. They offer Slick’s drive to me. I buy it. I start to have second thoughts as I get in my car. I head to Circuit City and see if they have the HD-DVD drives in-stock. They do. I buy one. Make my way back to the Gamestop and walk-in with the large bag I had only left with shortly before.

Me: I want to return this. I just can’t buy from or support your store anymore.
Manager: Oh.
Me: And please refund all my other pre-order money back to me. (I had several other games preordered at this store.)

He did as I asked and I left, never to return. Beyond that, I’ve vowed never, EVER to do business with Gamestop/EB Games again.

May the company rot.

Store: GameStop #2444
Location: Forest Hill Ave.; Richmond, VA
Employee Description: Manager, Balding McPrick
Submitted By: V582

I pre-ordered a copy of Lego Star Wars II for the 360. Release day comes and I go to pick the game up only to discover that they are sold out. The manager told me they got 2 copies in and they are gone.

During this conversation, Balding McPrick walks in holding an opened copy of the game. Balding over hears our conversation and proclaims, “It’s a good thing I brought this copy back!” I say, “Are you going to give me that game at the used price?”

There was silence. I break it.

“Just give me my reserve money back. I’ll go somewhere else.”

I would have been ok had they given me the used price but they weren’t going to make that concession. The fact that they obviously put the employees borrowing policy over a customer’s pre-order rubbed me wrong.