“Would you like to pre-order any games today?”

The phrase has been a persistent and annoying part of buying games at American brick-and-mortar stores for a while now. We understand the reasons behind it — retailers want to gauge interest in upcoming games and guarantee future sales don’t go to the competition. The hapless employees, in turn, get pressured to secure that pre-order at any cost.

We understand this. What we don’t understand is why some game store employees, out of ignorance or malice, feel the need to lie to get that pre-order or sale. Pre-order Pushers is dedicated to exposing those employees and the stores they work at.

If you’ve heard a load of bollocks from a video game store employee, we encourage you to let us know at preorderpushers [at] gmail.com. Include the following information in your note:

Store: Whatever store you heard it in (EB Games, Gamestop)
Location: City and street (if you know it)
Employee Description: If you remember what the employee looks like, do tell – maybe with a funny nickname (please, no real names)
Submitted By: Give us your name, real or nick
Lie: Give it up!

Note: Despite the name, Pre-order Pushers is dedicated to exposing all sorts of lies from game store employees, not just ones involving pre-orders. If your local game jockey lies about anything — release dates, system capabilities, insane video game collections, what you should buy for your kids, etc. — feel free to send it in. If you just want to gripe about the high-pressure tactics game store employees used on you, send that in too.

If you’re a game store employee yourself and think one of our posts is talking about you, feel free to submit a rebuttal to our preorderpushers [at] gmail.com address. Include a link to the original post and we’ll update with your justification. Of course, if you notice one of your fellow employees telling a whopper, please feel free to submit it anonymously.

We hope this site will become the premiere site on the web for griping about crappy game retailers. In the future, we hope to add user registration, voting, stores to avoid, forums, and all of the stuff that makes an internet community pop.

Once more, that address is preorderpushers [at] gmail.com. We look forward to hearing your lies.

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