Store: EB Games
Location: Atlanta, GA
Employee: Dumb_ss
Submitted By: Gator

I’m in the store checking out NBA Street Vol.3 and the Mario All-Stars. This woman, we’ll call her MILF, walks in and has the following exchange with the clerk (Dumb_ss or DA for short):

MILF: “I’d like to buy a Valentine’s Day present for my son. He has a Playstation 2.”
DA: “Ummm… ok…. do you know what type of game he wants, or what types of games he already has?”
MILF: “Oh… yeah. He said he wants a ‘fighting game.’ I don’t really know what that means though. All he has right now is sports games like football and basketball.”
DA: “Ok… a fighting game… let’s see what we have…”
MILF: “Well… my problem is that my son is only 7. I really don’t want to get him something with lots of blood and weapons”
DA: (look of bewilderment) “7??? He’s 7 and he wants a fighting game?”
MILF: (sheepishly) “Yeah… I know. Do you have a game that has cartoon type violence? He likes Batman… is there a Batman fighting game?”
DA: “No…. there’s no batman fighting game… let’s see… (scans the shelf) well, i’ll tell you what my favorite fighting game is… (picks up a box) It’s called “Dead or Alive” … now, a lot of people like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, but I think DoA is the best fighting game out there.”
MILF: (looking at the box, slightly freaked out) “Uh… this isn’t exactly what i had in mind”

I couldn’t believe it. Here’s this guy who at one instance acts as if he is shocked & appalled that the lady would buy a fighting game for her 7 year old son, and then the next instant he’s recommending a game that is probably one of the least age appropriate.

I almost jumped in and told the lady to buy her kid a gamecube with SSBM or at least Marvel vs. Capcom for the PS2…. I can’t understand what was going through that guy’s head. I think they finally settled on a WWE game.