Store: GameStop
Location: Norfolk, VA, 21st Street location
Employee: Mr. I Don’t Know Sh_t About Classics
Submitted By: Dookie

I guess this would qualify as a lie, since it was obvious he was trying to be cool with me, then revealed his true ignorance…

Here’s the backstory leading to the comment. They’re clearing out their NES games, and I pick up a copy of TMNT 2: The Arcade Game…here’s the quote

“Ninja Turtles the Arcade huh? That game’s cool, but I love the second turtles game they came out with and am gonna snag a copy at closing…”

so yeah…there’s a giant freaking II on the cover, which he apparently skipped over between “Turtles” and “Arcade”

plus this was their last copy, so if he was telling the truth and is just retarded, I’m glad I added to his misery