“On the house…”

July 21, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Fullerton, CA
Employee Description: Wise-ass Teenager
Submitted By: Rafael Hernandez

I went after work to GameStop to purchase the Final Fantasy IX strategy guide. The 2 teenagers behind the counter were constantly making stupid remarks to each other. I was browsing around the PS1 and N64 Games. I ask the teen, if he had any more copies of FF9 guide. He said “No”, then checked on his computer and said “no” again.

So I tell my sister lets check around. While browsing through I hear my sister find the guide. I tell the guy “I found what your computer couldn’t track…” He was acting shocked and he eyed his co-worker. I believe they were hiding it from the public so they could purchase it at the end of their shift. Or just being pricks, probably both.

So I go up and pull out my money. He starts looking around. He felt like a dumbass, so he says “I will give you the guide.” I tell him that’s funny, and to ring me up I have the money. He said “No, really it’s on the house… I am sorry for telling you it was not here.” I argued with him on money. I even showed the money to the camera and said “LET THE RECORD SHOW THIS EMPLOYEE IS GIVING ME THE BOOK, WHEN I OFFERED TO PAY!” Took the book and left. I further think it was the dude’s last day too.

Online vs Store

July 21, 2007

Store: GameStop / EB (Both Stores)
Location: La Habra/Fullerton California
Employee Description: GothicGuy (Fullerton) / Nerd (La Habra)
Submitted By: Rafael Hernandez

I ordered a game on GameStop’s website. It came to my home. This was during the transition of EB and GameStop merger. Well the game I ordered came scratched and not playable on my PS2.  So I called the 1 800 GameStop number. They tell me I can return it to any EB or GameStop store in person. Also on their official website it stated the same thing too.

So I call my local La Habra EB Games. Which I hardly go to. The nerdy manager over the phone tells me, I can not return it to his store. Mailing it back was the only option. I explain to the manager that his headquarters has the policy on their website in plain english. Which I quoted to him. He got angry and and said to check with Corporate since he NEVER got the memo, or knew anything of this matter.

I call my Fullerton shop which is in the next town. I frequent this place a lot. I call them before driving anywhere. Again, we can not do that. Also I do the quoting of their corporate web page. This time I tell him to check the website while I wait on the phone, He brushed me off and said he had other customers that needed to be attended to. I yell at him “Who do you think I am! I am your customer I bought the game from your company’s online shop. It clearly states you can exchange or return my money back GUARANTEED!” Again their reply is, “I never got that memo.”

So I called Corporate and threw in both managers to the fire. Then corporate told me to hang on. Corporate called the managers at both stores and straightened them out. I checked by calling both places 20 minutes after my conversation with corporate. Both were very happy to do this transaction. The guy at the Fullerton store remembered me and said to come on down. I went down to the Fullerton store and he gave me my money and APOLOGIZED! I left the store and now I order most of my games online. I hardly use GameStop unless they have a game that is very cheap and used.